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Consulting and practical training

Évaluation et optimisation

Consulting, practical training, and structured cleaning and sanitizing programs for our clients in the agri-food industry


We’re known for our availability, reliability, skills and knowledge of issues in the agri-food industry. These general satisfaction measures are equalled only by your trust and success. We’re always ready and willing to help. What’s more, our trusting relationship with our clients is built on our custom trainings.


One of OmniChem’s strengths is our “on-the-job” consulting formula. Our team comes to your workplace and supports your in-plant staff in their daily operations.


Whether it’s in the cleaning or sanitizing room, our team listens and observes, and then suggests effective methods and make practical recommendations to your employees in an easy-to-understand, approachable manner. As a result, your employees will gain a better understanding of your cleaning and sanitizing systems in order to get the best results possible, safely.

Custom trainings to meet your needs


  • The Chemistry of Cleaners and Sanitizers
  • Using Hazardous Materials Safely
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Techniques
  • Water Treatment
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Product Dosing and Application Equipment


Note that we can adapt all of these courses and create custom programs based on your specific needs. OmniChem’s trainers are certified by Emploi-Québec, which means that client companies are eligible for financial benefits.

Unrivalled expertise


OmniChem contributed to the writing of Quebec’s microbreweries’ association’s cleaning and sanitizing program. We’re always interested in helping improve the sector by clearly communicating the information you need to become as autonomous as possible.


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