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Distribution - chemical products

Distribution de produits chimiques

Thanks to our extensive network of chemical suppliers and our logistics infrastructure, we’re able to get you the chemicals you need and distribute them to you in different formats, exactly when you need them.


We distribute a wide range of chemical raw materials, specialty products, ingredients, commodities, solvents and additives for different industrial applications.


To ensure that your supply is safe, OmniChem learns about your specific needs so that we can properly store and deliver the products that you need.

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Ingredients and Raw Materials



Traitement de l'eau



Water Treatment






Industrial Chemistry





OmniChem Algeria also has a large storage capacity, spread out over multiple sites, to ensure several months’ worth of supply. We also have our own fleet of vehicles (including semi-trailers and chemical tankers) so that we can deliver to clients everywhere throughout the country while always ensuring that optimal conditions are respected.


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