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Why choose OmniChem?

Qui sommes-nous

Whether it’s for our global approach, expertise, flexibility, professionalism, motivation or our customized products and services, rest assured that our priority is to see you succeed.


We stand out not just because of what we do, but also because of how we do it.



OmniChem stands out for:

  • our exceptional staff that is committed to providing outstanding customer service
  • our attentiveness to your needs and ability to respond to your requests—whenever, wherever
  • our accessibility, both human and technological, that allows us to serve companies of all sizes in an expedient and efficient manner
  • our trusting, loyal relationships with our clients
  • our ability to put clients at ease and reassure them with the quality of our service
  • the training and practical tools we provide to help our clients become fully autonomous
  • our fast understanding of the issues at hand
  • our ability to find solutions adapted to our clients’ needs and reality
  • our use of innovative, creative resources to implement effective strategies
  • our wide range of integrated services that save you time and money
  • our high quality Canadian-made
  • our major investments in innovation that allow us to develop customized products and solutions
  • our renowned expertise, in Canada and abroad (including Algeria, the Antilles and the Caribbean)
  • our multidisciplinary, experienced and skilled team that is constantly learning through a professional development program
  • our clients’ high level of satisfaction
  • our continuous efforts to protect the environment by implementing optimization processes that reduce the consumption of water, energy and products;


We are very proud of our Ecoresponsible™ Certification, Level 1 – Commitment
Our entire team worked with conviction to successfully complete this stage: preparing for change.
We are now among the ECOLEADERs recognized in Quebec and Canada!


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Why choose

We stand out not just because of what we do, but also because of how we do it.

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