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Qui sommes-nous

OmniChem is more than a cleaning products distributor and manufacturer—we’re your partner for comprehensive, safe solutions for food safety.


Founded in 1996 in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), OmniChem made a name for itself in the food sector by offering simple, effective and fast solutions for cleaning and bottling processes. OmniChem offers equipment and products that ensure that you meet the current health and safety standards.


Over the years, OmniChem has acquired a reputation as a provider of high quality, integrated solutions. Whether you need cleaning or sanitizing products or comprehensive technical services, such as evaluations (audits), or optimization and automation services, OmniChem’s team will work with you and produce results that exceed your expectations.


Without a doubt, this is why OmniChem serves a large number of bottling companies, cheesemakers, dairy plants, meat processors and specialized ready-to-eat food companies around the world, including in Canada, Algeria, the Antilles, and South America.






Qui sommes-nous

Give yourself the best—give yourself OmniChem!


In addition to agri-food expertise, OmniChem specializes in the development of chemical solutions.


What’s more, OmniChem provides continuous, cohesive support. Whether on-site or remotely, our technologists provide fast and customized solutions.

OmniChem in Algeria
Distribution of chemical, industrial hygiene and water treatment products

In 2004, SARL OmniChem was founded in Algeria.


The company was born out of a shared strategic vision and continued to grow as a result of a consolidation of its chemical product development activities for agri-food and water treatment applications, and an expansion into different fields of production. OmniChem focuses on both specific formulation needs and the supply of chemical materials, specialty products and intermediate products.



Our values


Maintain relationships based on trust and loyalty, provide a personalized experience, establish connections and build a long-term relationship


Give tools to our team and clients so that they can become fully autonomous


Demonstrate excellence in everything we do and in our relationships with our clients and employees


Maintain impeccable customer service and assume full responsibility of our actions in all our relationships

Our mission

To be your partner for product manufacturing and for the implementation of safe, integrated cleaning, sanitizing and lubrication solutions adapted to your reality. For us, chemistry is much more than a scientific concept: it’s innovation, a long-term vision and, most of all, collaboration.


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