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At OmniChem, sustainable development isn’t just about chemistry—it’s a philosophy!

Our company cares about social initiatives and taking action. Whether it’s new techniques, new ways of doing things or new trends, we make sure we stay at the forefront of the latest developments to ensure that we ask the right questions about how to change things for the better.

In fact, OmniChem is more than a manufacturer and distributor of chemical products—we apply our technical and scientific expertise to benefit collaborative projects focused on sustainable development. For us, generously donating our time to promote these projects is priceless. For years, OmniChem has been active in a number of organizations, associations and committees, in addition to being recognized for its practical trainings.

We see ourselves as a vector of information and we share our passion to spread the word about the benefits of promoting sustainable development.

How does OmniChem make a difference in its network?

We promote sustainable development by:

  • Taking the time to discuss new trends
  • Getting involved in different movements that help make a difference in the world
  • Attending conferences and symposiums on the environment
  • Using forums to promote the importance of supporting sustainable development
  • Organizing meetings between stakeholders from different industries
  • Working with organizations and resources able to further innovative projects
  • Encouraging initiatives undertaken by our clients
  • Building long-term relationships with initiatives that have a direct impact on everyone’s lives

To better communicate the benefits of sustainable development, OmniChem has equipped itself with the tools it needs to make a difference, including the Écoresponsable certification.

What is the Écoresponsable certification?

Holding the Écoresponsable certification means:

  • Adopting and promoting responsible behaviours on a daily basis for the greater good and the environment
  • Exploring and making strategic decisions to support sustainable development
  • Taking concrete actions to promote sustainable development
  • Reducing our environmental impact and improving the value chain

How does this certification benefit OmniChem?

The certification allows us to:

  • Measure and reduce our environmental footprint with respect to the life cycle of all of our activities
  • Identify the social and environmental benefits of our activities
  • Encourage employee participation
  • Cooperate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Reflect on and take action on overconsumption and energy inefficiency
  • Make the most of our resources and optimize processes

For OmniChem, this certification reflects our interest in collaborating, communicating, exchanging and getting involved. The same goes for everything else that we do. That is the very essence of our philosophy.


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